A sandalwood tree, if raised with care is approximated to have about 20 kg of fine hearth wood which has oil and fragrance, in 15 years. As per the current rate and value, 1 kg of hearth wood fetches Rs.7500 and one can plant these woods at about 440 trees per acre. So with this estimation, one can have about 10 tones of sandalwood per acre at the end of 15 years. The value of this is as high as Rs. 4 crore in today’s currency value,” informs Mr. G. K. Reddy.

Market Sandalwood Saplings  

The company has sold enormous sandalwood saplings to farmers in the states of Karnataka, Andhra, Tamil Nadu, U.P and Maharashtra. As a matter of fact, we have gained new customers from our existing clients in the city. We believe in catering reliable and lasting products than just selling the saplings. We offer only 1ft height plants, raised in a 5 x 8 inch poly bag along with the at Rs 35 to Rs 45, each depending on the volume and also have 1.5 ft and 2 ft plants. All these plants are rendered at Rs. 40 to 80 each,” with negations price. Host plants depends on sandalwood plants with following host plants like( Rosewood ,Domestic Amala,

Curry leave, Lemon , Mosambi,Gava, pomegranate, casuarina plants & pongamia pinnata,)

Market For Sandalwood 

As per the rules of the Karnataka government, farmers should sell sandalwood to authorized agencies in the state but they can sell it to private players in the other states. The two licensed agencies procuring sandalwood in Karnataka are, Karnataka Soaps and Detergents Private Ltd and Karnataka Handicrafts department. Their experts arrive on the spot to estimate the wood content or fix the price and take the wood to their terminus for further processing.

Every log is numbered and tracked and while processing further, they evaluate the actual amount of Heartwood, Softwood, oil content and then pay to the client. Santalum Album is the most profitable assortment of sandalwood which is the most expensive crop in the planet earth. The profit is a extremely lucrative and in one acre, a farmer can get over Rs. 4.0 crores within 15 years of its life span.

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