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Mr. N Thirupillappa Reddy
(Rtd. IWST) forest Consultant  

Chandana Siri Nursery Mr. N.Thirupillappa Reddy (Retd IWST) Technical officer who is a forestry consultant for sandal wood nursery and plantation and adviser for a plantations and treatment of sandal wood plantation.

Mr. N.Thirupillappa Reddy who warked for 30 years in the sandal wood nursery, in Institute of wood science & Technology Malleshwaram, Bangalore-03. Along with Dr. H S Anantha Padmanabha International sandal wood consultant. And Dr. T S Rathore Ex Director of AFRI and IWST a famous scientist. He had done so many plantations & nursery in allover India almost 60 lakhs of plantations had done and also he consultant for other state likes Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Assam, Maharastra, Gujarath, Rajasthan, Odissa, Kalkata, Kerala, Panjab, Himacala Pradesh, Uttar Kand, UP, MP and Jammu Kashmir.



A Sandalwood tree, if raised with care is approximates up to 15 Kgs of fine heart wood which has oil and fragrance in 15 years. As per the current rate and the value 1 Kg of heart wood fetches Rs.9000 and one can plant those sandal wood at bout 430 10x10 per acre. So with this estimation one can have about 4.5 tones of heart wood per acre, after 15 years, the value of this is as high 4.27 crore in today's.

Market Sandal Wood Saplings:

The Company has sold enormous sandalwood saplings to farmers in the states of Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, U.P, Maharashtra, Bihar, Gujarat, Rajasthan, Odissa, Kolkata, Kerala, Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand, UP, MP and Jammu Kashmir. As a matter of fact, we have gained new customers from our existing clients. We believe in catering.
Reliable and lasting products than just selling the saplings. We offer 1 ft height plants, raised in a 5 x 8 inch poly bag and also have 1.5 ft to 2 ft plants. Negotiation all these sandal wood plants and seeds Ref sanders plants and seeds available with prices. Host plants for sandal wood are Rose wood, Drumstick, Amla, Curry leaf, Lemon, Mosambi, Guava, Pomegranate, Casuarina plants and pongamia pinnota.

Market Sandal Wood Tree:

As per the rules of the Karnataka Government, farmers should sell sandalwood to authorized agencies in the state but they can sell it to private parties in the other states. The three licensed agencies for processing sandal wood in Karnataka are, Karnataka soaps and Detergents Ltd. (KSDL) and Karnataka state handicraft and Karnataka state handicraft and Karnataka forest department take the wood as per their terminus and conditions.
Every log is numbered and tracked while processing they evaluate the actual amount of heart wood and main wood and soft wood and then pay to the client. Santalum album linn the most profitable assortment of sandal wood which is most expensive crop in the planet earth. The profit is a extremely in lucrative and in one acre, a farmer can get over Rs.4,27 crores within 15 years of life span. At present rate ech tree 15 Kg per Kg 9000/- for details contact.

Second  option 

Melia dubia tree holds promise of good returns for a framers & empty land owners.

Low income  

Diminishing income from an acre against increasing land value, forces many farmers to sell their lands. A family of 4 members needs a monthly income of Rs.40, 000 from an acre if they have to survive. But today from an acre one gets anything between Rs.10, 000 to Rs.12, 000. “How is this enough? Naturally he prefers to sell his lands than continue farming. If we are keen that farming lands should not be sold then we must ensure income generation of at least Rs.20, 000 to Rs.30, 000 from an acre a year.

Easy method  

The easiest way to increase income from one acre is by planting certain tree varieties such as melia dubia (Kadu bevu in Kannada) which fetch a handsome price in the market. Assured buyback and require low maintenance expenditure. In addition the trees also aid the planet by preventing temperature rise and checking gas emission into the atmosphere as the trees are naturally endowed to absorb maximum Co2.

Money spinner  

Melia is a money spinning tree of short duration. Even if planted as a single row along the field bunds, about 60 trees can be planted per acre, which will fetch an income of about Rs. 1 lakhs in the eight year of planting. “Since there is a total mismatch between demand and supply for wood and veneer, block planting of 300 to 350 trees per care can ensure a minimum profit of rupees one lakh per year from an acre. Under good maintenance and controlled irrigation from sixth year onwards, depending on the soil depth and quality trees of 80 to 100cm gbh with a clear bole of 5 metres height can fetch Rs.4,000 at today’s price (7 per cent escalation can be added per year for the sale price). Intercultivation can be done with annual crops in the first three years and then spices such as pepper can be grow.

Single row planting  

Even if planted in a single row along the field bunds, about 60 trees can be planted at six feet spacing which will fetch an income of about Rs.2 lakhs in the seventh year. Under high density planting with 1,000 to 1,500 trees in an acre, a yield of 40 to 50 tones is possible from the second and third year of planting. “As the demand for Melia wood is quite high, minimum profit of about Rs.40, 000 per year from an acre can be ensured for the farmers today,” says, Mr.N.Thirupillappa.

Pest infestations  

Regarding pest infestations affecting this tree Mr. N Thirupillappa Reddy says, “The variety is susceptible to root rot. Only optimum irrigation is required. While planting the seedlings, application of 2-3 kgs of vermicompost and second option farm yard manure is prepared basically using cow dung and cow uring may applied.

Including Sandal seeds, we also provide all forestry type of seeds & all forestry types of plants, Horticultural plants, fruits pants and all types of plant seeds available.

African Mahagani Red Sal wood - This plants per Acre 500 Nos

Forest plants:

Milia dubia plant, Red Sandar plants, Teak Tissue cultural plants, Burma Teak plants, Agar wood plants, Cassirina plants, Honne, Rose wood, Tamarind, Agase, Cashew (V-4) (V-1) dates (Arabia variety) Silver Oak, Pomogranate, Bamboo, Neem plants, Sampige plants.

Buy back  

“Interested farmers who want to buy the seedlings can contact our office and we are willing to guide them right from purchasing the seedlings to buy back,” assures Mr.N.Thirupillappa.
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Test Data
Test Data
A sandalwood tree, if raised with care is approximated up to 15 kgs of fine heart wood which has oil and fragrance in 15 years.
As per the current rate and the value 1 kg of heart wood fetches Rs.9500 and one can plant those sandal wood at about 300 10x12 per acre.
So with this estimation one can have about 4.5 tones of heart wood per acre. after 15 years.
The value of this is as high 4.27 crore in today’s

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